Time can bring you down
time can bend your knees

Time can break your heart
have you begging please

I know there'll be no more
tears in heaven

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I’ve been riding the pine a long time, but I’m in the game now. And I’m not on your side or Michael’s, I’m on theirs.

 Christmas present edit for quercusrubra Merry Christmas bb   ❉  

ain’t no rest for the wicked
until we close our eyes for good 

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Jensen at Television Critics Association [x]
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SPN meme | one hunter

↳ Dean Winchester


happy 28th birthday osric chau! <3 xx


My graceful Castiel and I 

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You were right. About me and Dad. I’m sorry that the last time I was with him, I tried to pick a fight. I’m sorry that I spent most of my life angry at him. I mean, for all I know, he died thinking that I hate him. So you’re right. What I’m doing right now, it is too little. It’s too late. I miss him, man. And I feel guilty as hell. And I’m not all right. Not at all. But neither are you. That much I know.


I can’t help but say awww every time I see this picture(^ω^)

 So we bottled and shelved all our regrets,

 Let them ferment and came back to our senses,

 Drove back home and slept a few days,

Woke up and laughed at how stupid we used to be.

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"Given what we know about the connections between animal agribusiness and climate change, water waste, pollution and more, why aren’t the major environmental organizations more vocal and straightforward about promoting the alternative to it?

Today, please respectfully ask environmental organizations to promote veganism as an easy, accessible and, most important, effective solution to human-caused ecological disasters. Preserving our planet and its inhabitants is of far greater importance than not alienating members and potential members. Environmental organizations should be leading the charge, not counting memberships, and we don’t have time to waste.

—-> https://www.facebook.com/SierraClub
—-> https://www.facebook.com/greenpeace.international
—-> https://www.facebook.com/rainforestactionnetwork “

Not only are they “not very vocal” about it, there is nothing but absolute deafening silence coming from these organisations.

The people whose primary concern should be the wellbeing of our planet are quiet. It’s up to us. Please spread the word.

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